You want the T?


Ok so I definitely think its about time for this! Many people always ask me like what things mean in the homosexual urban dictionary. Well just come here and you can find many of the most common things you hear! I’m not going to say I know all of the language but I know quite a bit and definitely enough!

I will constantly update the list and if you would like to know what something means or want me to add a definition, please feel free to tell me!

What’s the T?:
First thing I asked you is “What’s the T?” Now this is something that people constantly ask in the homosexual community! It is quite simple, it means exactly what it sounds like, what’s up? what’s the info? What’s the story? What happened? These are the main questions in which that question takes the place of!

This is also a commonly used word! It means someone is being disrespectful, in a sense. If someone is “throwing shade” they are pretty much hating on the person they are throwing the shade to! It’s not a good look!

Now this is not something as common to people outside of the homosexual community, it is used to describe a friend, especially one very close to you! But not masculine friends! By this I mean, you would never call a straight friend or a masculine gay, Girt! Now your “girlfriends” and girlfriends may use this title!

Now this is pretty much self-explanatory! You know what the root word means! So therefore you know that this word can be used in an offensive way! But, it can also be used to describe a gay or girl who is acting bitchy! “She is too cunty for me” get it? Also, it can mean arrogance, which is the type of people I just cant deal with!

Gag (gagging):
So this word is very, very common, or am I just saying that these words are common because I hear them everyday? We already know what everyones definition for this word is and we will not go there! lol but we use it is that sense because we use it to describe how a joke makes us feel, for example, if someone tells a funny joke one may say “I gagged when he said that”. Its equivilant to saying “i almost died when he said that”! This also means that someone is in awe! Now what they are in awe of is not necessarily a good thing! They can either be in awe of an outfit, “I was gagging when I saw that dress”, or they can be in awe of someone’s behavior, “I almost gagged when he hit that girl”. Get it?

Ki Ki:
Another word with too many meaning! I use it to mean gossip! Just as you would ask “What’s the T?”, you can ask for the ki ki! Now the other meaning, which I do not use, is a party! A gathering in which people have a good time and what do you know, gossip! Lol

There are many different types of queens so this is not a very general term. People have been called butch queens, closet queens, snow queens and more. A queen is pretty much used to refer to a homosexual individual. Now the terms that often come before “queen” such as “snow” refers to what type of man, as a gay, that you are attracted to. (This is a term for the male gay population)

A term I am sure we are all familiar with, a twink pretty much refers to a very young gay (often between the ages of 18-21 if we are talking legal, even older if your still “smooth”.

Many people see this word and will think, it means what it means but it actually means to “GO IN” on someone as many people today say! “Gunning”, “Hiking”, you know those terms that most men use. More along the lines of “telling someone off” for the women counterpart/gay. But you cannot have been read unless there was at least one more person to witness it. (It’s crucial) Saying you read someone without a witness is like asking ” if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears, did it make a sound?”

A term used that means to spin around, but with grace (lightly). Someone usually twirls when they are arriving, fashionably late of course) to an event, when they are just showing off an outfit, or even after giving someone a serious read!

Giving Life:
“You are giving me LIFE”, a term used solely by gays and the women who adopted the term. It means that something or someone has impressed you greatly!

2 meaning

A trade is an individual who is not your “wifey/hubby”. They are a “piece” sometimes the frequent side piece (If that’s you, sorry)
A staright man paying for a male prostitue (but me and mine do not use this term in this way because we don’t deal with it.

“Don’t come for me”
Informing someone not to through shade your way, not to disrespect you or anything associated with you, not to mistake your kindness for weakness. Simply put! lol


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