Gay Marriage


For quite some time, gay marriage has been seen as quite the abomination. It is commonly believed that marriage should “remain” between a man and a woman. For centuries people have argued this from a political and a religious stand point. But that’s starting to change because people have gotten their minds right, put their heads together and have decided to stand up against the injustice of homosexual discrimination.

The recognition of same-sex marriage is a political, social, civil-rights and religious issue in many nations, and debates continue to arise over whether same-sex couples should be allowed marriage, be required to hold a different status (a civil union), or be denied recognition of such rights. Allowing same-gender couples to legally marry is considered to be one of the most important of all LGBT rights.

I am thankful for the strides already made in favor of gay marriage acceptability and I pray for the day that it is universally recognized! You wouldn’t believe some of the horrid things happening around the world to people who would simply like to express their love for each other!

It ain’t nobody’s business, but mine and my babeee!



They are standing for the rights of Homosexuals to legally marry and obtain the home and lifestyle they dream of for their children!

The Donaldson Adoption Institute spoke of the endorsement in a recent blog post entitled, ” In Good Conscience” by April Dinwoodie and Kimberly Paglino! They speak of the significant impact marriage equality could have on children.

Kudos to these fine ladies for shining the light on a very important issue in this country! And thank you to the Adoption Institute for your support, it really does make a huge difference!


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