For far too long, the injustice and inequalities in this world have lingered! ALL OVER THE WORLD! Its really sad and something needs to be done about it! There is an old saying that many people follow; “It takes a whole village to raise a child”…well people need to apply that to the process of change in this world! So many people complain about the injustice but don’t stand up to make a change, don’t get out and VOTE it into existence! It takes a whole village to make a change! Don’t blame your local police chief and don’t blame your president! Blame the collective, including yourselves!
People, you cannot expect people to invest time into your and your future unless you invest the time first! We have some extensive work to do!
This page is to give light to the many young black Americans who have lost their lives to police violence! With little to no justice served! We stand for you and with you! I fight for you! I believe in the potential that lied within you!
(This page will {unfortunately} be updates regularly)

Prince Jones, 25
Alberta Spruill, 57
Henry Glover, 31
Ronald Madison, 40
James Brisette, 17
Sean Bell, 23
DeAunta Terrel Farrow, 12
Victor Steen, 17
Oscar Grant, 22
Aiyana Jones, 7
Steven Eugene Washington, 27
Aaron Campbell, 25
Reginald Doucet, 25
John T Williams, 50
Trayvon Martin, 17
Reynaldo Cuevas, 20
Rekia Boyd, 22
Timothy Russell, 43
Melissa Williams, 30
Chavis Carter, 21
Kendrec McDade, 19
Rekia Boyd, 22
Shereese Francis, 30
Clinton Allen, 25
Miriam Carey, 34
Jonathan Ferrell, 24
Carlos Alcis, 43
Deion Fludd, 17
Rumain Brisbon, 34
Tamir Rice, 12
Kajieme Powell, 25
Michael Brown, 18
John Crawford III, 22
Tyree Woodson, 38
Eric Garner, 43
Victor White III, 22
Yvette Smith, 47
Dontre Hamilton, 31
Dante Parker, 36
Tanisha Anderson, 37
Tony Robinson, 19
Phillip White, 32
Eric Harris, 44
Walter Scott, 50
Freddie Gray, 25
Dillon Taylor, 20
REST IN PEACE to the beautiful people listed here!



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