Charleston Church Shooting

Guys it’s a sad day in this country, a sad time! A time of vicious attacks and countless acts of racially motivated killings! But the worst part about this time is that the media and more importantly, the people who are suppose to uphold the law are the culprits! And I’ve never been more disgusted with social media! 😒

Dylan Roof, the devil incarnate, is a 21 year old WHITE male who joined Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church members in South Carolina for an evening of prayer and then proceeded to shoot and kill 9 of those BLACK church members!

Yes, I am making it a BLACK AND WHITE thing because that’s exactly what he said it was!!! Literally, he told them “I want to kill black people” because we are apparently taking over the country!!

Come on people, at what point do we say “OK ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”? This racist, white supremacist is a TERRORIST who committed a very horrible Hate Crime against Blacks! ( Yes I over did that sentence because I wanted to accurately and wholly describe him!)

I feel so lost and heartbroken for the families of the lives taken! My heart goes out to you and your families! I CANNOT imagine what you are going through because I haven’t had a family member of mine taken away as a result of some 1960s bullshit!

But what stings the most is the way so many people are trying to cover up what is really happening here! Of course news outlets like the RACIALLY motivated FOX said that it was everything BUT racially motivated! Why do you act like fucking idiots! How can you ignore what the suspect himself said! I also wanna know why is it that when a black man commits (or doesn’t commit) a crime, you quickly and swiftly yet inaccurately label him and what his crime was, but when one of your WHITE brethren do something, you just can’t quite jump to conclusions? MAN GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!


Where can we be in peace? Where is there a safe place for black people! The police will kill us for breathing and little white men will kill us for praying!

You say so much about us and we are always defending ourselves but let me point out that in our defenses, we NEVER ATTACK YOU (AND I DO MEAN WHITE PEOPLE) and that’s because the people you classify as animals are much more closely associated with the upholding a of the constitution for some reason and we are quite frankly better for not being so classless!

Ohhhh but then there are your token blacks! Like the FOX BLACKS that I call them! They will clearly do anything for a dollar! There is a black woman named DENEEN on fox who should quite frankly be ashamed of herself and should feel sorry for disgracing her own heritage by not acknowledging it! No I will not look for her last name because the bitch ain’t worth it! 😒

I’m so disgusted with this country it makes no sense!

Goodbye! ✌🏾


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