Don’t wait for Extreme Circumstances!

You know, as LGBT people in the world, we have to deal with some pretty serious issues in life. Most stemmed from the hatred in the hearts of others, and some come from just normal life problems. But like with other groups of individuals, being gay adds an extra amount of weight!

Today’s topic deals with those issues and I just wish that the circumstances were different.

A woman named Kimberly Reed lost her father some time back and had been estranged to her brothers for a very long time. With the death in the family, as with most families, it was time to come together and mourn/celebrate their father’s life and legacy. Kimberly’s biggest hurdle this visit would be explaining how she turned into Kimberly from Paul. That’s right, she is a man who became a woman!

Now, if I stopped here and asked you to finish the story, many of you would probably say she was turned away, or beat up, or disowned by her family but that was not the case. She was embraced by her perplexed brothers (her mom having known the entire time helping to keep her daughters secret by any means). She was also more than welcomed by the town she left so long ago, out of fear of hatred! Having been the football quarterback in HS, the team was more than eager to see an old/yet newly refreshing friend!

Everyone just showed support!

The reason I bring this story up is because it is important to note the outcome! Too many times do we have individuals just like Kim with no support or love from even the closest family members and they resort to the worst solution, death by suicide!

But look at KIMBERLY! Little did she know, everyone was just so happy to have him/her back, they could not see the change! They saw the love they once had for her and maybe it was the death they were experiencing at the time. You know, a “life is too short” moment. But if so, ISN’T IT?

It’s too short for you and the people you are depriving of your charm and charisma! Don’t count yourself out and DONT wait for extreme circumstances.

Take a look at Kimberly’s story from her own mouth! Very touching!

Peace and Blessings


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