Will IRELAND say YES?!

Right now, HISTORY IS BEING MADE! Ireland is currently heading to the polls to vote on the legalization of gay marriage! An issue that in all countries, is far overdue for change!

Ireland will also be the 1st country to pass gay marriage by popular demand! Yes, other countries have succeeded in other ways, but none by referendum!

This is a huge moment in history! But not just for Ireland, for all of us in the LGBT community because I feel that it shine a light into the glimpse of hope for this world! For our future! Being American, I know that we have  SOOOOOOO much further to go that Ireland but we are working on it!

It was said that “A 90-year-old man broke down in tears and said, ‘It’s too late for me now. But I wish you all well and I’ll certainly be voting Yes.’”

That brings tears to my eyes because whether we choose to view it as such, he was not a free man, he was an oppressed man, and spent 90 of his years on this earth unhappy!

Im just glad that he will at least get to vote on such a close and personal issue for him! At least give his say!

Good Luck to the people of Ireland! From the sounds of it, the country is all for Gay marriage opinion wise so I hope the polls match!



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