Sunday’s Supporter: Miley Cyrus

So today’s Sunday Supporter is someone who I have to say really shocked me. For a few reasons; one being that she recently admitted why she acts the wacky way she does! I mean if you don’t know Miley Cyrus, it’s because you were sheltered from anything considered a “wrecking ball”. Two, because she recently admitted to being bisexual and three, because she also looks out for the LGBT community!

Miley Cyrus is FAR from Hannah Montana and she is one of the wildest celebrities out there! But recently she informed that she is the way she is because it gets her the attention she needs. She uses her body and sex appeal because people respond to it!

That makes perfect sense because the girl behind the drama is actually very intelligent and thoughtful!

Her new anti-gay, pro-lgbt foundation called the “Happy Hippie Foundation acts as a safe haven for the lgbt youth in the community and challenges them and supporters to fight the injustices of the world!

I have so much respect for what she is doing because not only is she fighting the injustice of LGBT in the world but she is fighting for the youth, who have been tossed aside like trash bags because of their parent’s unwarranted ignorance! There are thousands of LGBT youth in America who are homeless because parents have disowned them for being themselves! What Miley is doing is a true blessing in disguise and I pray that her blessings come back ten fold!

Peace and Blessings


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