Another sad but again, all too familiar story about the life of an African American being treated less than important! Rekia Boyd was killed in 2012 by an OFF DUTY OFFICER named Dante Servin! Apparently he was attempted to shoot at someone else, but the bullet hit her in the head and she died two days later!

He will get off though because despite prosecutors trying to get a trial to prove his negligence, the judge ruled that he is not guilty! I wonder how much she was paid, or how much she hates black people! I mean seriously, the powers that be have to spun from the devil, on someone’s payroll, have really shitty sex lives, or got FUCKED up in elementary school! And if it wasn’t them, it was their parents!

It is so sad that she does not get the justice she deserves! She never had a chance but he will go on to get all the chances that should have been hers! I just want him and that judge to know that there is a special place in hell for people like them! This world is getting out of hand!


Peace and Blessings


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