I’m Coming Out: Guy Benson

Well if it isn’t the pot calling the kettle black! Guy Benson, a journalist with the ever so conservative and hence therefore “one-sided” Foxs News, recently professed his truth! In a new book that he co-authored, guy mentions that he is a gay male.

First off, congrats for being able to bring your truth forth! As we all know, that’s a hard thing for people to do, I mean yes, even in today’s society!

Secondly, you’re a conservative! That took you even more balls! I’m impressed!

Guy has received a lot of slack for being a conservative who is gay since he brought it up. Many believe that it is an “oxymoron” to be both! Of course, those believers are conservatives and they have life as we know it backwards anyways. I must say though that, in his case, being with Fox news and all, I surprised he did!

Nevertheless, Congratulations! Give yourself a twirl! 😉

Peace and Blessings


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