Does Corn promote Homosexuality?

I don’t even know where to begin with today’s very interesting topic. Interesting for a few reasons: One being that it has to do with a scientist and the other being that it’s quite bold! Some things just piss me off!

My cousin, and fellow blogger Andrea a.k.a. Frommrstomom, pointed me in the direction of this topic and I dug right in. I wanted to know what they had to say because science involves FACTS and I just had to see the “raw data” that proved corn to be a promoter of homosexuality!

The scientist I am speaking of is from California and has worked as a researcher for many years, especially on the topic today. His name is Tyrone Hayes and he is, from what I have researched, a very good Chemist. He has been studying Atrazine!

Atrazine, a herbicide found in corn to prevent the growth of weeds. It can also be found in other materials like the turf of a golf course.

Tyrone Hayes was approached by the manufacturer, Syngenta,of the herbicide because of his great work in research of similar chemicals and hormones. After doing a great deal of research, he found that this herbicide is actually dangerous in many ways, one of them being the sexual development of frogs. He noted that this herbicide produces a high percentage of estrogen and actually turned some male frog reproductive organs into female reproductive organs. He then stated that the males were displaying “homosexual behavior”

Syngenta  is an agribusiness marketing biochemicals and seeds. They stated “The EPA audited and inspected the data from these studies and found that ‘The data are sufficiently robust to outweigh previous efforts to study the potential effects of atrazine on amphibian gonadal development’ and ‘there is no compelling reason to pursue additional testing.'”….Im stating, doesn’t sound like a No to me, just a fancy way around it!

Not only did I do a little research, but I also watched him explain his research and i believe he said the word “homosexual” one time! And from that one time, we as Americans, as truly hateful people in this world (I don’t know why) began to seek the answer that just cannot be found!

We want to say, “Oh, well atrazine is found in corn so then that must explain homosexuality.”

How could we even think that eating corn could possibly cause someone to be gay! What the hell does that even sound like?! Let’s really THINK about this!

In his research, he stated that the atrazine produces a lot of estrogen. Ok, so what about all those GAY females out there who were ALREADY born with estrogen but still like females! What happened there? If the corn produced more estrogen, why are they dressing like my older brothers?

He spoke of amphibians! THATS ANOTHER THING! We are not amphibians! We do not live in swamps, we do not eat flies, we do not swim all day! We are a different organism! Something that I know, and think could be a prominent factor is that fish, MANY FISH, are what we call bisexual or hermaphrodites! Well frogs live in a very similar environment! IJS!

Other research done with this drug, does show some great risk factors! According to the ATSDR, one of the primary ways that atrazine can affect a person’s health is “by altering the way that the reproductive system works. Studies of couples living on farms that use atrazine for weed control found an increase in the risk of pre-term delivery.” Some research shows that fetal weight abnormality, heart and limb defects are very possible!

But all of the issues around this drug, WHEN RELATED TO HUMANS, are cosmetic and functional!

Our differences are NOT functional nor cosmetic! 

In case you haven’t noticed, homosexuals and heterosexuals cannot be told apart unless blatantly trying (ie make-up, dress attire, demeanor). That’s why some of you are called “closeted”. Oh and functionally, AINT A DAMN THING DIFFERENT, it all works the same, just goes in different places honey! (And not even really different places most of the time)

Dont get me wrong, I am not standing by atrazine because it is very harmful to the environment, human beings, and the animals alike! It even has it’s part in breast cancer because of the abnormally high amount of estrogen it produces! It is not safe! But it is not a “cause” of homosexuality!

Homosexuality is not a choice, but not an abnormality! WE ARE NOT ABNORMALITIES! YOU ARE NOT AN ABNORMALITY!

Males, and not even really human males, who have been exposed to this herbicide definitely have mal-functions, but that’s it!

Great topic, thanks for introducing it to me Drea ! Now everyone tell me what you think about it!

Peace and Blessings!


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