Erick Sermon: Hip Hop ain’t gay….?

The name mentioned above sounds a little suspect to me!

He sure has a lot to say when it comes to homosexuality and hip hop! He simply doesn’t feel that the two can co-exist!

I feel, he’s full of shit!

I’ll let his words say it; ” When you talk about sports players, too, like we don’t know if that’s ever gonna happen, ’cause that’s like a curse to be in the sports and be gay and be in hip-hop and be gay,” Sermon stated. “You can’t be on a basketball team, football team and be homo, and be rapping…and be homo. N—-s will kill you.”

WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? And where have you been for the last like 3 years!? There have been like at least 4-5 out sports players in America! I mean, they are still getting the slack for it today, at least some, and for you to claim to know so much about the sports world and hip hop, I’m surprised you havent noticed! Isn’t it in the nature of Americans to focus and shine light on all that is “bad” in the world? Isn’t that considered “bad” to you? Shouldn’t they fear for their lives?

And to state that you have never worked with any gay artist is DEFINITELY BS! Even if you said you don’t think you did, BITCH YOU KNOW YOU DID! You know just as well as everyone else how many people in and out of the industry with separate lives! You sound stupid, not hard!

Erick, get over whatever child hood memory traumatized you and try to leave that ignorance in the past! Join those of us in the hip hop community who actually made strides to change the bigot mentality!

Peace and GROWTH to you!


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