BlackBird, “God is Love”

So I don’t know about you but I am very excited to see the film Blackbird, which appears to be a show about a homosexual Christian young man who has to come to grips with his sexuality and explaining it to the world around him.

Now, being a Christian myself, I understand how harsh the religious community we claim can be, from Catholic to Baptist, these people really thing they got it right and just the word gay is the devil! So how do you deal with it without feeling you have to end it all? Hopefully this show will give many people who do struggle a good answer.

Every year there are so many deaths against the LGBT but the deaths that hurt the most are those committed at the hands of the deceased! Hopefully Blackbird can help change that!

Remember it all starts with us talking about it and finding solutions!

Not to mention it stars the talented and funny Monique! 

She says, “We hope the takeaway is simply acceptance,” she says. “We hope that we stop being so willing to devastate one another. We hope that the takeaway is love. In the movie, you hear Randy say, ‘God is love.’ You don’t hear him say, ‘God is love, but! God is love, however. God is love, except.’ It’s just ‘God is love.’”

We mind as well go ahead and add her to our Sunday’s Supporters because she truly is!

I am inspired by the film and have not even seen it yet! Cannot wait!

Peace and Blessings


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