13 Things Never To Say To Bisexuals

Good Day!

Hey people! I hope that everyone is having an exceptional day! Im having, well, a day.

So todays topic, as you very well see just above, is about the idea of bisexuality! A very popular topic amongst people. Why? Because everyone feels as though bisexuality doesn’t exist. Because there are some fools who believe that women can be bisexual but men cannot. Because some people feel as though, “once you go gay, you never stray away”.


Im am one of the people who fight with bisexuals because I know that it truly does exist! Some people like men and women, IDK why, but they do! Earlier today, I was listening to the Breakfast Club on Power 105.1FM and this was a topic they discussed as well. Some of the comments reflected true ingnorance so when I found this list, I felt I should share it so that people can hear “what not to do” from the thoughts of a bisexual individual themselves.


Peace and Blesings!


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