Sunday’s Supporter: Iggy Azalea

Good Morning!

Let’s just get right to it! Today we are shouting out Iggy Azalea, a new female rap artist, for her respect and support for the homosexual community!

Iggy Azalea is from Australia and she currently has a rap album coming out entitled, “The New Classic” . Recently she did an interview and of course they spoke of how difficult it must be to be a young white female rap artist.

When speaking of the challenges, she did not hesitate to compare it to the homosexual community and it’s challenges. She even regularly speaks out on her irritation against homophobes!

“[Homophobia] comes from ignorance and homophobes not being around enough gay people,” she says. “I think straight men, especially in hip-hop, have this notion that a gay man is going to come and make them gay or try to have sex with them, and I always think that’s so weird. I just want to tell them, ‘Hey, they aren’t interested in you. You’re not that cute.’ I don’t get why some straight men are still so scared of gay people. But I honestly believe it’s like anything else. People just need to be exposed to it long enough for it to not be scary anymore. That’s the case with a lot of rappers. They haven’t been around very many different people, and a lot of them aren’t very well traveled. It’s just a lack of culture.”

I thank you for your support Ms. Azalea and I encourage everyone to get out there and support her in return! BUY HER ALBUM! I know I like it and her as an artist!

Peace and Blessings!


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