HIV and protection thereafter!

Good day!

What a great Friday it is! The sun is shinging and I am off of work! Couldn’t get any better!

Today’s topic is HIV! But Im not going to be talking about how to prevent yourself from contracting the disease. Im going to be talking to those of you that already have it and about how not to contract it again! That’s right, for those of you that didn’t know, just because you have contracted HIV does not mean that you no longer need to protect yourself! There is a such thing as Superinfection!

Superinfection is aquisition of different HIV strains from different sexual partners. It is also possible to contract multiple strains of the disease from someone who has both themselves!

This is very dangerous people so do not dismiss or overlook it because superinfection can lead to drug resistance and even cause a more rapid progression of the disease.

Here is who has the greatest chance of contracted the superinfection:

“95% percent of apparent superinfection cases have occurred during the first three years of infection. Studies have found evidence of superinfection in 2 to 5 percent of persons in the first year of infection. Intermittent treatment in acute cases or for those just diagnosed may prolong their susceptibility to superinfection.”

So please be careful people! Keep it safe!

Peace and blessings!


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