Now This Is Wholesome!

Good Day!

Always great to talk to you guys and inform you of what you may or may not know is going on in our community. Today, I want to discuss a very controversial subject surrounding the act of homosexuality.

I would also like to take this time to thank one of my dearest friends, David, for providing me with this information to look into.

Basically, the issue at hand is that of the very popular brand, Honey Maid! I am sure you are familiar with them, they have like the best graham crackers ever lol! Recently, they put out a commercial for the product in which they depicted different forms of what family is today, what “wholesome” is today.

In this commercial, the first family shown was that of two dads enjoying time with their beautiful child. Once the commercial was over, they added the statement, “This is Wholesome”.

This caused sooooooooooo much controversy! So many people cried out against the product, threatening not to buy the product again because they have the misrepresentation of what “wholesome” is.

Remarks like “Horrible, NOT ‘WHOLESOME,’” “DO NOT APPROVE!,” and “Disgusting!!”, were just some of the ridiculous comments left.

What I love about Honey Maid is that they didn’t break a sweat! They didnt give in to what this world tries to keep over our heads! They responded to the comments by having two artist use both the negative and the positive comments in a way that shows they must be doing something right!

Here is the link to the response video:

I just want to thank Honey Maid for standing firm to what is right! For having the open eye that God gave them to us for! For respecting the people of this time! I will always support you because you have proven that you support me!

Peace and Blessings!


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