There are many ways to come out! I have 6 people that will help prove it!

Good Evening!

I hope that everyone is enjoying and has enjoyed their day! I am currently at work, awaiting the arrival of 10:30 to that I can get up and walk out! lol

But while I was sitting here I happened to be scannning through and came across 6 stories that really do touch my heart and I hope they touch yours!

Its exactly what I always talk about, about the unpleasant yet uplifting experience of coming out of the closet. Yes, we all know that it can be a really scary situation but I truly believe that it needs to be done! If not now, eventually (never let anyone and I mean ANYONE try and force you out) you will be ready to tell the world who you really are.

Take a look at these 6 experiences!

The most important thing/quote I took from this video? “It’s worth it in the end.”

Peace and Blessings


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