I’m Coming Out: Jason Collins


Congratulations are in order to Jason Collins, who will be the first openly gay NBA player! He was recently signed to the Brooklyn Nets!

He revealed his sexuality in the spring of last year and unfortunately recieved no job offers since then but “where there is a will”…and now he can say that he is making history because he is THE first openly gay NBA player!!

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said “Jason told us that his goal was to earn another contract with an NBA team. [Sunday], I want to commend him on achieving his goal, I know everyone in the NBA family is excited for him and proud that our league fosters an inclusive and respectful environment.”

But to top the good news off, Jason Collins is also said to wear the number 98 with the Nets to commemorate a slain gay college student named Mathew Shepard. Mr. Shepard was killed in 1998 just because he was gay. He was totured, beating, and left to die hanging on a fence!

The mother of Mr. Shepard stated, “It’s really exciting. I’m really excited for him. Super excited for him. To bring Matt’s story into it, to continue to keep Matt’s story out there, it reminds people that this is the kind of thing that happens and is still happening, even if we don’t read about it like we used to. It is still happening. We just have to be conscious of it and we just need to be kind to each other. How hard is that?”

And let me tell you, she poses a good question to end her statement!

I have so much respect for Jason and I am so proud to have someone who has the ability to make change, real and affective change, actually taking the time out to do so! Thank you Mr. Collins for BEING YOU!

Peace and Blessings to you all!


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