Anti-Homosexuality Act-Uganda

Good day people!

I am saddened to write today about the horrible things happening in Uganda regarding the gay population! I just cannot believe what has recently took place.

Uganda has passed and signed a bill on Fevruary 24th that condemns the act of homosexuality as a crime and the punishment for such “crime” is life in prison! Now as horrible as that is, at least it spares the life of an inocent individual because the original punishment was the death penalty. I am simply at a loss for words at such outrageous actions from this country.

“The legislative proposal would broaden the criminalisation of same-sex relations in Uganda domestically, and further includes provisions for Ugandans who engage in same-sex relations outside of Uganda, asserting that they may be extradited for punishment back to Uganda, and includes penalties for individuals, companies, media organisations, or non-governmental organisations that know of gay people or support LGBT rights.”

It saddens me to say that of the over 500,000 gays that exist in Uganda, over 200 have taken their own lives as they saw no way other way out of the hell they were about to enter! My heart goes out to those souls and the families (if they even care) of the souls.

How could this world be so cruel? Day after day we drift into a darkness that I cannot describe! Let’s stop pretending that things are ok because they are not!

I feel as though I am a broken record because once again I have to say that people who live their lives as a homosexual should not be discriminated against!They are human beings just like anyone else! They have done nothing wrong and have done nothing to those that want to see them burn! One of the things that I always say, and Jay-Z gets the credit for this statement, is ” what you eat, don’t make me shit” and the same goes for you! So why are you guys so fascinated with us? Do you want us that bad? Are you that jealous because you chose to marry a woman? Did you possibly contract a disease from one of us? WHAT THE HELL IS IT? Because I still find it hard to believe that this is about morality! If you are still using that excuse, take it and shove it up your ass because there is nothing moral about taking the life of an individual for simply breathing!

I feel horrible about this but I hope that Karma comes back 10 fold on the Ugandan law makers! I hope they burn in hell, and as horrible as that is, it’s the God honest truth!

Peace and blessings to you all and RIP to the Ugandan gays that took their lives because of this foolery!


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