Arizona’s Anti-Gay Bill

Good Evening!

Hello everyone! Can you believe that I am actually posting tonight? I know I know, it has been quite some time since we have communicated about the wonders and the tragedies surrounding homosexuality in the world.

I do apologize for the amount of time that I have been away I have just been quite busy but eager to get back to talking about the things happening today as there is quite a bit to discuss such as this Arizona situation!

So in case you don’t know, Arizona had a bill put together that would pretty much legalize HATE! This bill will allow buisness owners to deny service to gays and others based on religious belief!

Can you believe that? I know that I can’t! Just when you think that the America is taking a step forward, we take three steps back! Come on people are we still in the 1950’s here?

Now the good thing is that the govenor of Arizona has denied the passing of this bill! She clearky understand that discriminiation is something we work against, not towards!
She is quoted having said, “Religious liberty is a core American and Arizona value — so is non-discrimination”.

I just cannot believe that after how far we have come, we havn’t really gone anywhere smh!

Peace and Blessings people! Clearly we need them!


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