MLK Thoughts!

Good Morning people!

As we all know, or at least hopefully all know, tomorrow is MLK Day! A very importnat day to celebrate a man who made strides for so many of us to have the freedom and and civil rights that we have today!

Martin Luther King Jr. was the chief spokesman for individuals like you and myself on the Civil Rights Movement, protesting racial discrimination in America. But Dr. King had a dream and it wasn’t only to make changes in America but the world in general!

As some may know, I can go on for days about the great things that MLK Day has done but I will not bore you with what you already know.

I would on the other hand like to ask you a question, something for all of us to think about. What do you think would be Dr. Kings outtake on Homosexuality today?

I understand that pastors, back then especially, would not dare speak of the subject but with so many changes today, in the right direction might I add, I am dying to know what his outtake would be.

Would we, and I am including myself, feel the same about MLK if we knew what e thought of homosexuality? Now some of us may know something I don’t and by all means please enlighten me if you do. But please tell me what you think!

Dr. King, I am so amplified by your work and I thank you very much!

Peace and Blessings to you all!



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