Sunday’s Supporter: The Pope’s Encore

Good everning and happy holidays to everyone!

It is Sunday and as we know, time to shout out Sunday’s Supporter!

I want to take this time out to shout out the Pope! That’s right, I , Cornelius Boggs, would like to shout out the Pope! Now I know, I already did this, but he has cause so much more excitement since the summer, which is when I posted about him, that I had to give another shout out!

Now to some people that may come as a shock because anyone will tell you that I feel as though the person holding that seat has always been a real Dick Head! Why? Because they have always disrespected the human race that identifies as a homosexual or bisexual of any kind.

But not this pope, in fact, this pope has now been named Time’s Person of the Year and twitter’s #bestpopeever!

For those of you who dont know, when Pope Francis was asked about the very issue that is homosexuality, an issue his members are all too familiar with, his response was “Who am I to judge?” 0_O

Sadly, I would have never expected a person who is seated as the Pope of the Catholic church to be so understanding of homosexuality. And if you can’t tell by my statement, I typically think of the Pope as a person who is less than human.  Thanks be to God that I no longer have to feel that way!

And not only is he accepting of homosexuality, he feels the same about divorce, athiests, and children out of wed lock.

I am not saying, and nor is he, that he appreciates these topics, he simply understands his place as a human being who is suppose to be practicing and preaching the word of God, not falsly accusing people of damnation with absolutely no right to do so!

I appreciate you so much Pope Francis because of all of the things that shined light on the homosexual community lately, your thoughts are probably the most important and uplifting!  Hey, 1 billion people is a lot. lol

Take note people and go look it up! Defintely worth noting!

Peace and Blessings to you all!


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