This Sunday, I support his head on a platter!

Good morning to all of you good people!

I know that it has been quite some time since I have been talking to you guys but there has just been so much going on that I have really even thought of the time!

Well I find that this new story is definitely worth me taking the time out to tell you guys about it.

A Russian Actor (to some degree, I could care less about his name but I want you to know it because if you support him in any way and you are against homophobia then I would like you to make sure he never see the lights of a camera again) named Ivan Okhlobystin recently shouted some really cruel and in humane things about gay poeple at a recent gala he attended.

Ill just let you tell me what you think about what he said, “I’d put them (homosexuals) all alive in the oven…it’s a living danger to my children,” says Ivan Okhlobystin. He also says that gay people are a danger to his six children, and should be stripped of their rights to vote garnering overwhelming applause.

The never of he and the people that he was speaking to at the event! I cannot even believe that a person who would say such cruels things is not considered a threat to the human race. I mean if you can think it, you probably wanted to or want to do it! Just my thoughts!

But it gets better, this guy used to be a freaking PRIEST!!!

LOL I just can’t help but to laugh because you guys, and by you guys, I mean priest are such hypocrits!

BUT IT GETS BETTER, he was suspended from the priesthood in 2010.

Now my sources don’t tell me why but based on his hatred for “my kind” (notice I make us out to be a seperate species I mean clearly we are less than human to this asshole) I would say say you got POKED! LOL POKED UP THE ASS!!

You guys have no idea how much I wish he would see what I wrote!

I just…..I can’t

Peace and Blessings people!


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