Respect Granddad, Respect!


Good morning Everyone!

So today I am off, sitting at home watching my favorite TV show, Supernatural!! Im getting all caught up on Netflix lol. Anyway, today I would like to shout out two people!

One would be a co-worker/friend of mine named Melissa, Ms. Cadicamo if your nasty! lol

Not only is she an amazing person, but she is also the person who made me aware of today’s topic! She’s such a doll and quite supportive! If you guys have someone like that in your life, try and hold on to them!

They next person I would like to shout out is a Grandfather who expressed great concern about his daughters response to her son being gay! Now as you can imagine, the mother took the news of her son’s honesty very badly. She kicked him out of the home and disowned him!

To touch on that, again, what kind of a parent would do such a thing? How can you say that you love someone and then the very next day, become content with their in-existence? How could you make your child feel such a way about himself?

Well not only do I question this, but so does his Grandfather, which was expressed in the letter that his Grandfather wrote to his mother. Let me just show you what he said. (Click picture to view)


I have so much respect for this man! Not only because he is an accepting, loving, and simply caring individual but also because of his age! I mean you would expect such actions as that of the mothers’s,  to come from him but for it to be opposite….I find that uncanny!

I just wish I could see the face of his daughter after she reads it! She needs this wake up call! And hopefully it can be a wake up call for others like her and others like that boy who need to know that you can not and should help help who you are!

Peace and Blessings everyone!


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