Like Father Like Son…or Not?

Good Afternoon,

So Im sitting here at work and I was having a discussion with my co-workers, who are the best there is, just in case you didnt know and we were discussing how I planned to have children.

Now with most people, they don’t know who they want to marry, how they want to do it, and how many kids they want to leave their legacy to but I pretty much have had all of that planned out for quite some time.

Believe it or not, I know exactly who I want to marry, I know how I want to do it, and I know how many kids I would like to have. But the conversation then got a little deeper because  sexuality came into question. No, not my sexuality or that of my husbands, but that of my children.

One of my co-workers asked how I would feel if my daughter was gay. My answer: I would not really mind. I actual feel that my relationship with my daughter will be great either way. When asked how I would feel if my son was gay, I responded that I would not be as happy.

I don’t think that I will feel very comfortable having a homosexual son. I know, look at the pot calling the kettle black! But it’s not that I don’t like being who I am or that I am a hypocrit, it’s just that I don’t want my son to end up being gay because that’s all he sees! If anyone knows that this lifestyle is not a choice, believe me, it is I. But I cannot say that I have experience raising children in a homosexual household and I don’t think I could live with my sons choice to be gay if he didn’t have the ability to figure that out for himself.

All that I ask, and this favor is to God of course, is that my son will decide whether he liks boys or girls on his own. He will have uncles of course and he will spend some of his time with them. Because I don’t do sports and I don’t do girls. And as of right now, neither does the man I love lol!

Now, if my son has a “fighting chance” to choose and he does end up gay, I will be more than happy! And I will teach him a thing or two with honor and pleasure in knowing that my son and I are bonding because he wants to and not because I am making him do so subconsciously!

Many would disagree with my understanding of how this works but what can I do, its how I feel! What do you think about it?

Peace and Blessings to you all!


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