It’s my Birthday!!



Good morning!

So today is my birthday! The day that I turn 23! A very exciting and important day!

Now what I usually do, just to myself, is go over the year, my life and the people I have in it and analyze it! This time I am going to do that but share it with you guys! πŸ™‚

Thinking back on life, I just really hope to enjoy a full one! I am so grateful to have made it through high school and college and can not wait until I am able to call myself a Physicians Assistant and/or a Professional Musician!

Thinking about where I am right now, I could be in a better place. Meaning, I want to start a detox diet, primarily so that I can begin to train my body that good food and actions are the norm and so that I can aid in the work out I am about to begin! I have exactly 1 month to get it at least half way together!

I am in love with a man that could not be less than an angel from heaven! Unfortunately I always fall for the people with complicated situations but what can I do, can’t help who you love! The good thing is, it’s not one sided! Can I see my entire life with him, yes I can. Will that actually happen, I don’t know and to be honest, I highly doubt it. 😦 But I am happy with being happy right now!

I have a great job thats getting harder and harder by the day lol but still great nonetheless! I have some of the best co workers a guy could ever ask for and the best boss in the WORLD!

I plan to move out on my own in the very near future and am preparing to get that done now! I know, I had some cutting back to do but I am doing what I can to stick to it!

At 23 , I can truly say that I am happy! I look forward to what life has to bring this year and I hope to live each day of it to the fullest! May you be blesses to do that same!

Peace and Blessings!


2 thoughts on “It’s my Birthday!!

  1. Awww, First I want to say I’m very proud of you. You have accomplished a lot and you have good goals planned ahead. Write them down and hang them in your room so you can see it everyday and be reminded of what you are working towards- you can do it!!

    Second, I KNOW I won the award for the most birthday shout-outs, lol!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And I want my award dammit!!

    • oK I really have to work on how to better recieve my comments on here! I am just now seeing this and now understand why you told me it was 4 times on fb!! lol I was so confused but you definitely do deserve the award because NOBODY looked out for my b day like you! Anyway you knew how to reach me, you did! Thank you for your advice and thanks again for my wishes!! *So sorry Im late*

      p.s. how do I link this damn account to my phone or fb to recieve alerts?

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