Operation Hitched: Sara Gilbert



Good Evening!

Sara Gilbert! Name sound familiar?

Well she used to play that very snippy and funny, Darlene Connor off of the hit show Rosanne, which I am sure she is most known for. Nowadays she is a co-host on the hit TV Show, The Talk!

Well the reason we are mentioning her is because she recently got engaged to her partner, Linda Perry!! Congrats Ladies! Im so excited that you have found that special someone that you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with!

But I wanted to mention her for another reason as well. Even though she is happily engaged, Sara still has many struggles with her sexuality. She had questions, she was worried about what others will say, how her job would be affected.

She says, “We do often say things like ‘it gets better,’ and it does get better. And like I said, I have an amazing life, but I want people to know that there can still be a struggle with it, and that’s OK. That it really is a process, and that there can be a part of you that doesn’t want to feel different, or feels scared. And that maybe is more important than any of it.”

That is so true and I think the biggest thing I want people who are scared to take from it is ” that it really is a process“!!

People are scared of themselves because they feel like the act of coming out or acceptance in general will be a one day process. No, no that is not what will happen, this is a lifestyle, sadly but surely. It’s a lifestyle because it is seen as “different” but you are no different from anyone else, you are a human being and accepting yourself is the first part of that process!

Peace and Blessings!


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