Why Notta Truvada?

Good Afternoon Everyone!

How has this day been to you so far?

So todays topic is a very interesting and maybe even life saving topic!

There is a doctor in NYC who is very well-known and also very telling of his sexuality, professing that he is a homosexual. Now even though he is well known and respected, some of his advice isn’t making it’s way through the grape vine.

There is a new pill out that apparently can help to prevent HIV! It is called Truvada, or PrEP!

Let me be clear! It does not cure the disease, it can simply prevent the disease from attacking the immune system.

The doctor and very few others are actually using this pill. It is apparently something that was desired for the homosexual community and more specifically, the African American homosexual community!

Out Magazine shined light on the fact that something like this has not spead like a virus.

Apart of me understands why there are questions and apart of me wants to know why there are questions! If you know what I mean.

This pill seems to be an excuse as to why condoms and other forms of protection are not necessary (doesn’t that defeat the purpose?)

The doctor says that this pill is about 99% effective and that he uses it himself but he proved my point in it defeating the purpose of protection.

Understanding that people are going to begin having sexual intercourse unprotected because they are taking a pill that MAY prevent HIV infection and that there are other factors that play into condom use, like STDS, why would you promote this? At least why for that reason? And the doctor himself claims that he uses this pill because he doesn’t like condoms! And I quote, “I don’t want to become HIV-positive but I don’t love using condoms.”

Wouldn’t you rather just be protected? Hell if you want to, take the pill, but keep it wrapped! You just never know!

Don’t get me wrong, Im human and I know what sex feels like without a condom, heaven on earth isn’t it?! But I also know that putting on that piece of rubber can be the difference between 10 years of life and 50!

Definitely something to think about! Tell me how you feel about it.

Peace and Blessings!


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