I’m Coming Out: Sean Hayes

Good Evening!

So it’s time to shout out one of our “family”. But I find this to just be hilarious because of who it is lmao!

Ok so you guys remember the hit show “Will & Grace” starring the really, extremely, flamboyant gay played by Sean Hayes. So it turns out that for years, Sean refused being considered an actual gay individual. I mean apparently its been wuite some years that he claimed heterosexuality.

Can you believe this? lol My dude, you gay! I knew you were gay and so did everyone else. NOBODY  plays the part that well lol.  I mean no offense.

But nonetheless he eventually came out of the closet and expressed his freedom to The Advocate, which is a gay magazine if you didnt know! Very popular!

Anyway, Im so happy for you Sean, with your gay ass! lol

Peace and Blessings!


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