Sunday’s Supporter: Planting Peace

Hello and good afternoon to everyone!

It seems like a great Sunday so far even though I am currently sitting at work! I just can’t wait to get on with my day (that means get out of work).

But anyway, today’s Sunday Supporter is Planting Peace, which is an anti-hate nonprofit group that aims at expaning equal rights.

What I find to be most interesting about their upcoming event is how, why, and where they are doing it. Now the Westboro Baptist Church, a very anti-gay hate group, located in Topeka Kansas is very well known for it’s hatred and it’s statement, “God hates fags”. Planting Peace is looking to make that church’s headquarters a focal point for the upcoming 1st Annual Equality House drag themed walk! The event will be called “Drag Down Bigotry” and will be held on October 26.

How: So at this event, Mr. Aaron Jackson will be doing a drag show in which he himself will also perform. They are even trying to get the incomparable RuPaul as a guest of the event.

Why: This is being done because they want to see a change in this world. They want to see more quality. Because ” young LGBTQ youth are committing suicide at a staggering rate because they are being made to believe that they are ‘ess than'” as said by Mr. Jackson.

Where: Aaron Jackson, president of Planting Peace bought a house located across the street from the church and  had it painted the colors of a rainbow, calling it the Equality House. I can only imagine what this house could become over the years. I can also only imagine what it will stimulate in the years to come.

If you are in Kansas and you support equality, go to this event. I only wish I could attend myself! I honestly want to shove it is the faces of that Church as well!

Peace and Blessings everyone! And thank you Planting Peace!


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