Food For Thought!

Ok so every now and then I am now going to be informative about things happening around the world that we can participate in!

These are things that I feel we should at least know about even if we do not cease the opportunity to partake in them.

So in Denver this fall, there is a new LGBT Health journal development. I have done some research and I feel that it will be something great to look into. No, I will not be in attendance at the conference but if you can, I would suggest it and if you can’t try and see about what the journal has to offer.



LGBT Health is dedicated to optimizing the health and healthcare of the LGBT community. Dr. William Byne has signed on as editor-in-chief of the new peer-reviewed journal.

“We want this to be a journal for the general health practitioner, because we believe LGBT individuals should feel empowered to expect high-quality healthcare with appropriate screenings, delivered in a culturally competent manner, regardless of where they seek care,” said Byne.

The journal will also include transgender-specific health issues; health issues of intersex conditions and disorders of sex development; HIV/AIDS and STDs; at-risk youth and risk factors; gender variant children; parenting by sexual minorities; public health policy, insurance reform and healthcare; and lifecycle development and aging.

Let me say that I think this is wonderful because not enough of us know the importance of these issues, let alone how hard they affect us. Remember to KNOW YOUR STATUS! Whatever that may be!

Peace and Blessings!


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