Hi Haterz: Linda Harvey


So You know what I have decided, I think that it’s time we call out the ignorance portrayed in this country, world even!

Here, we acknowledge those that have support for the LGBT community but its high time I show you the haters! I mean they are just too funny for me!

So the first person Im going to mention is Linda Harvey of Mission America.

This ministry was started in 1995 as a publication and website. They cover the latest cultural and social trends in our country and what they might mean for Christians.

Now Ms. Harvey says that gay people are empty. That we seek fulfillment in other people whether gay or straight. Get this, if we seek it within the same-sex it’s because the emptiness is too grand! Ms. Harvey, shut up! Seriously? That’s what you came up with?

Why do people try to explain everything! Some things are just unexplainable and it is so offensive when you use stupidity to try and do so! I am GAY! Thats it! No need to explain anything because just like you call yourself “straight” (which is a made up term if you didn’t get that by now) I am gay. We are both human beings and neither one of us have any social, mental or physical issues that make us “gay” or “straight”.

Mission America:

“Our goals and ministry have only expanded and grown with frequent media appearances and speaking engagements by Linda Harvey, president and founder.”

That’s a problem right there! You dont have a mission based off of what is right, you have a mission based off of what is the overall consensus! Thats what TV is!

Try again people!

Peace and Blessing!


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