I’m Coming Out: Brittany Griner

Mercury Welcomes Brittney Griner

Good Afternoon Everyone

OK so for this week we are going to shout out Ms. Brittany Griner for being able to openly play in the WNBA and wanting to help and support the LGBT community, especially young females, who want to essentially be free!

Recently drafted, it seems as though she just couldnt wait to grab her stardom so that she can be more of a strong voice for the community. I also want to extend my sympathy to her because she admitted that as a child she was very much abused. Griner told the L.A. Times that her struggles began in adolescence, when she was taunted and sexually harassed by bullies. She also had a hard time at home because her Marine father had a very difficult time accepting her.

This girl had it very hard but I want people to learn from her because she made it through the treacherous times and has the brightest outcome imaginable! Living her dreams and making good money while doing so! I wonder what the haters are saying now! She said, “When I was younger, it really bothered me to the point where I was like ‘I don’t even want to be alive; why am I getting treated like that?” So glad she realized that loving herself would pull her through!

I, for one, am proud of you Brittany and I hope you continue to let your story heal others that struggle with sexuality.

Peace and Blessings to you all!


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