Le Twitter de France!

Good Evening Everyone!

So today we have to discuss the horrific actions of people in France that are using social networks to not only bash the homosexual community but to also call for the death of all gays. Soooo we still havn’t learned? In France, the most trending hash tag on twitter is #GAYSMUSTDIE. Now I have to say, I am all for being able to express yourself and I am also all for trendy topics. But I am not for being blatenly disrespected and the good thing is, there is a large group of people in France who feel the same way. The pro-LGBT group known as the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, or IDAHO, is suing twitter because they have not taken down any of the trending tweets about the hurtful subject and they want twitter to release who is saying such a thing to have it investigated. Now get this, that was not the only hateful topic trending in France. Other hashtags include #TeamHomophobes and #LetsBurnGayPeople!

Now you guys tell me what you think about this. Are they over reacting? Or are they right for feeling as though twitter should show more concern?

Of course I feel that if legal action is what will make them see the harm in these hashtags then do it! Lets look at what these poeple are saying, what they are pretty much wishing for, the death and harm to homosexual individuals! Why?! Seriously, Why?! What the hell was done to you that would make you say something like that.

Please stay alert with these type of situations because they are important in trying to break that barrier. I hope that something comes from the lawsuit because it would help me see that someone out there is listening!

Peace and Blessings everyone!


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