Meningitis Outbreak!


Good morning!

Today is such a lovely day, simply bc it’s Friday! Haha! I just wish I didn’t have to work and late at that smh! But no worries because pretty soon ill be starting a new job that I will definitely enjoy!

Enough about me, lets get to the discussion at hand! So in California, there is a scare about the recent Bacterial Meningitis outbreak and death of three men in their 30s, two of which were openly gay!

Doctors actually don’t quite understand how this outbreak started and in fact first believed it to be a serious case of HIV for one of the men but that was not the case after testing occurred! The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said there were 13 cases of bacterial meningitis in the country this year.

Here are just a few facts about the disease:


Activist Michael Weinstein of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, has encouraged gay men to get the meningitis vaccine because we have to be sure to get control of the issue a hell of a lot quicker than with the HIV/Aids epidemic! People are losing their lives quicker than we thought to this since 2010 so I also ask you tO get yourselves vaccinated whether gay or straight! I know I will!

Peace and blessings all!


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