Sunday’s Supporter: NHL


Hello everyone,

It’s been quite some time but trust me, it’s been for good reasons and ill be telling you more details soon! But I had some issues to overcome myself and with others that didn’t allow me to focus on pretty much anything! But I feel like I have a new outlook on life and it helps to keep me happy! In fact, I think too happy because I haven’t been able to really eat lately! I just know its because of my anxiety and nerves, again, I’ll explain soon!

Anyway, today’s supporter is not only one person but a whole league, literally! The NHL is teaming up with Gay rights activist to fight homophobia is sports period!

They are teaming up with the You Can Play Project, an organization that promotes equality in sports, in order to create “what appears to be the most comprehensive measure by a major men’s league in support of gay rights,” as said by the NY Times!

Huge thank you and shout out to the NHL for their support because we really do need it!

I just know that other sports leagues will soon join in and I can’t wait till that day comes!


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