Adding to the Realm of Support!


Good Morning!

I’m just sooo excited about the fact that the support for marriage equality and gay rights has multiplied so much!

Every time I look at the media or I read a magazine, I see that more and more Senators are joining our cause! And I am even more surprised and excited that many of them are Republican!!


It’s just about time that people realize that we are people too!! We deserve to live happy and healthy lives! I say healthy because, just like other minorities, we don’t want hate crimes against us either!

I just can’t wait for the day that its not talked about anymore, and its a simple topic, one in which we say that it’s in the past, a distant memory even!

Peace and Blessings all!

P.S. I have been thinking about giving some explanations of the gay language spoken by myself and others around me! For example: “What’s the TEA?” But not only that, I am going to explain the lesbian language as well! You don’t know how many times my mother has asked me what my friends and I were saying lmao!


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