The Legalities of Same-Sex Living!


Good morning good people!

It has been a minute but you’ll have to forgive me because I have been really busy lately! I want to say thank you for sticking with me and give a big big shout out to all my supporters!

So today’s post is rather friendly and I guess helpful lol…you guys know about those books that are “for dummies”? They are like yellow and black and contain many different subjects!

Well, they now have one that will help same sex couples understand the legalities of being together! I think that is very exciting!!! It’s called “Same-sex Legal Kit for Dummies”.

This book is to help us to understand all aspects of this life, the life that couples will share with each other! I read some of it and I really think its great!

Y’all know I’m getting it right lmao! Here is an excerpt:

Joint Assets

“Unless you live in a marriage-equality state, you won’t have any legal guidelines to aid in separating your jointly held assets. If your partner defaults on a joint loan or fails to make payments on jointly owned property, you’ll be responsible for 100 percent of what is owed.

It’s important to draw up an estate plan that details how you want assets to be managed while you’re both alive and in case of death. Be sure to spell out in your will how your assets will be distributed. You will need two witnesses present when you “execute” (that is, sign) your will. Make sure they aren’t named in the will. Select a heterosexual where LGBT relationships aren’t recognized. Otherwise, a disgruntled relative may convince a probate court that the LGBT witness coerced you into naming your partner as the principal beneficiary.

There are advantages to sharing a last name. It creates an identity as a familial relationship. Anyone can change his or her name.

You may be able to get around DOMA by filing a federal tax return as head of a household and claiming an unemployed partner as a dependent. He or she must earn less than $3,700 in all income (for 2011); have received more than half of his or her support – food, shelter, medical expenses, etc. – from you; be a U.S., Mexican or Canadian citizen or resident alien; and not be claimed by anyone else as a dependent that year. Also thanks to DOMA, you can forget about getting a deceased partner’s Social Security benefits.”

See this book is right, our lives aren’t quite as peachy as a heterosexual relationship but here is a way to see how to go about it!

It can be ordered online or bought at Walmart!

Peace and blessings!


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