Sunday’s Supporter: Rob Portman


Good morning all!

Ok so I’m late on this but that’s because I was soooo busy yesterday that I didn’t really have the time to post! Plus I wasn’t home which is where all of my resources are! But I will post Sundays Supporter today!

His name is Rob Portman, a GOP Senator of Washington DC who recently changed his views on gay marriage! Just a few years ago his 21 year old son revealed to his father that he was homosexual and I guess it made Sen. Portman think about his views more careful!

He co-sponsored the federal Defense of Marriage Act, which forbids national recognition of marriages allowed by states. He also voted for a measure that prevented same-sex from joint adoptions of children in the District of Columbia,, over which the federal government has retained local power. So this is huge news as far as he goes!

I am always happy to see members of the GOP gain insight into our world because it really does say something about the progression of the country, regardless of how slow it is, it’s progressing!

Peace and blessings to you all!


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