Can bee venom cure HIV?


Good morning everyone!

Been a while since I have seen you guys but there are things going on like work! It takes energy out of me to do that sometimes lol…so much so that I don’t have the energy to research or write topics sometimes. But it shall not stop me from continuing to spread news and support my fellow gays and allies.

So today’s topic is an interest for everyone! I mean we all know that HIV is one of the leading, well he leading killer of the homosexual community! Especially the African American homosexual community.

Well Washington University School of Medicine claims tha their is a toxin in bee venom that can destroy HIV without harming healthy and needed cells!

This, my friends, is amazing!!! This can be the start of something really big and very helpful!

According to the research, bee venom contains a “potent toxin called melittin that can poke holes in the protective envelope that surrounds HIV, and other viruses.” The article goes on to say that the melittin does not harm normal cells because “protective bumpers” to the nanopartical surface.

“Our hope is that in places where HIV is running rampant, people could use this gel as a preventive measure to stop the initial infection,” Joshua L. Hood, MD, PhD, a research instructor in medicine said.

Two things make this so wonderful! 1: It would make my love and sex life ten times better because I am personally very fearful of what’s out here and 2: I love science and I love research! Lol I never thought I’d say this when I was actually doing research but now I realize that it is very interesting!

I truly hope that Washington University’s School of Medicine finds this to be very useful and have truly found something to assist with that horrible disease!

Peace and Blessings to you all!


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