Donation Not Discrimination

Good Morning everyone!

So today I was reading as I do everyday and I came across something that I was totally unaware and shocked by! Did you guys know that the FDA has a rule that prevents gay men from donating blood just as everyone else can?

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it! That is blatant discrimination against us but not only that, it is also disrespectful because this rule was put in place because of the HIV rate among us. I know that’s why this rule was put in place.

For those of us that are healthy and would like to do our part in helping others, we should be allowed to do that because we have done nothing wrong to be discriminated against!

But the good news is that people are taking a stand against this as well. The Gay Men’s Health Crisis is teaming up with the Sarah Lawrence College Student Life Committee and the Student Senate to create a We The People online potential to demand that Obama urge FDA to reform their idiotic policy!

I truly hope that they get this accomplished because I think it is an outrage! Very disappointed in the FDA and yes I do understand that they are trying to prevent risk but Im going to need them to come to the realization that it is 2013 and if your trying to prevent any accidents, you mind as well ban everyone from donating blood because everyone else is at just as much risk as we are for the HIV/AIDS epidemic! I thought you guys were suppose to be smarter than that!

Peace and Blessings people!




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