The New Age of Transgenders


Good Afternoon good people!

Today’s topic weighs heavy on me! My friend David presented me with an article last week about a mother pulling her child out of school because “he” was not allowed to use the female bathrooms. That’s right I said he, and I say he because her child is a transgender! A boy who would prefer to dress and behave as a girl.

I really don’t know how I feel about this because as you can tell by me saying he when I should say she to please him, I don’t necessarily love the idea of transgenders.

Now hear me out, I don’t have anything against transgenders and if somewhere down the line in life, I do happen to befriend one, then I shall treat him or her just as I do my other loved ones. It’s just that I don’t agree with the idea or changing how God put you on this earth!

If you are a male, then that’s what you are, if a female, that’s what you are! Changing it does what? I’ll tell you why I think people do it. In order to be accepted for their sexual preferences, people would just change their sex appearance, thinking that it would help.

Now don’t quote me lol because I didn’t research that but that’s just how I feel! I also feel that it’s not necessary!

Now I am really disturbed by the fact that people and by people I mean parents, are allowing their children to decide whether they want to appear as a male or a female. That little boy in the article I received was only 6! Why in the hell does a 6 year old feel as though he is uncomfy with his body? He’s 6 for Christ sake!!

Well he isn’t the only one, in fact there are prosecutors and people everywhere trying to give transgender children the rights that others have! I’m sorry but I disagree, no child should make this choice. Even if your in high school, if you think that’s what you want to do, then great, but you shouldn’t actually be able to do it until you can do it at a responsible age! 18 preferably lol.

Am I wrong guys? How do you feel about it?

Peace and Blessings all!


2 thoughts on “The New Age of Transgenders

  1. I feel the same way as you. That child is 6 years old, there is no way he even realizes what gender is yet so I am sure that he was not upset by the fact he has to use the boys bathroom unless his new age wack job parents made a big deal about it. Kids at that age really do not see a difference between sexes, they just want to play and have fun. If the teacher yelled at him for playing with dolls or something than I think it would be different, but it is totally understandable for a little boy to be expected to use a boys bathroom, regardless of his toy/clothing/friend choices, he still can use a urinal.

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