Sunday’s Supporter: Scott Fujita


Good Morning my people!

I was sooo busy yesterday that I didnt get to shout out yesterdays Sunday Supporter! Well I will get that done now!

Today we recognize Scott Fujita! He is a linebacker for the Cleveland Browns and he is one of the growing number of athletes who fully supports homosexual on and off the field!

He says, “I would argue that the overwhelming majority would be fine with having a teammate who was gay”. He also says, and for this I commend him, “a lot of guys don’t mean it to be harmful in any way, but they need to be told it’s not acceptable. A lot of times it is about educating a guy and letting him know, ‘Hey, a lot of people might be affected by that. You have no idea if the guy in the locker next to you could be affected by that, so why not create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable to be who they are?'”

I truly appreciate your support Mr. Fujita and I am also happy that so many athletes are stepping up and supporting the cause regardless of their profession and the people in the locker next to them as Mr. Fujita says!

Peace and Blessingsto you all!


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