I’m Gay but I shouldn’t be Happy!?


Good evening everyone!

So today’s topic is one that I have struggled with for the longest time because one of my closest gay friends strikes me as peculiar!

Now I know that if he feels this way, there has to be others. Anyway, my friend, and probably others of course, believes in homosexuality but they don’t believe that we should be allowed to marry or even have children!

Now I’m sorry, I cannot even begin to understand the logic behind this! How can you be gay and not believe in your own long-term happiness?

Now as for my friend, I definitely believe it has to do with his political views and religious views but at some point when do we, as a nation, just follow our hearts?

There is no way that he or anyone else that feels that way and is gay could possibly do so on their own!

How do you guys feel about it! Please comment!

Peace and Blessings to you all!


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