Gays with Straight Friends!


Good morning everyone!

So this is on a more personal level but I quite frankly do wonder if I am the only one that thinks this way!

For some reason, when you are homosexual, you naturally have similar attitudes, feelings, behaviors, and emotions as those of the opposite sex. This is true whether you are male or female. And despite popular belief, many gays are still befriended by straight people which should be the case anyway because people are people!

But sometimes I question how much straight people actually do understand us. Now don’t get me wrong, I have some wonderful friends who have done nothing but try to understand where I am coming from in life. Some even make it their mission to get to know me completely and for that I am most grateful.

Then I also feel that I have some who do know me but would rather ignore understanding me fully! They would rather accept me as being gay but out of “fear” that things will escalate, they don’t take the time to know me completely! And when I say completely, that’s what I mean! I wish that wasn’t the case but self esteem is very powerful!

You guys really have to understand that emotions are high, feelings will get hurt quicker then when your on the basket ball court, and behavior will never change for the likes of no one and that includes you! You girls have to understand that feelings are short lived, emotions are weak, and they do not want to go to the nail salon!

Ladies and gentlemen if you are going to be friends with a homosexual, please go into it knowing that you will have to bring a different type of friendship then with you straight friends! That’s just the way it is!

You can also help understanding just a few things:

1: At least try and get into things I like!
I’m willing to listen to your music, watch your sports, go and support you at the court, I’ll even hold your towel lol, at least you can try to come shopping with me, hear what Beyonce is saying not how she is saying it!

It is so common for you guys to believe that I am only friends with you because I want you!
…Unless You Are Hot: If you are hot, then we definitely want to have sex with you. Actually, being attractive and a labia-lover makes us want you twice as bad. It’s a challenge. So, yes, we’re going to flirt with you and try to woo you in a very obvious way. You should be flattered. This will stop eventually once we realize that you really are straight and we are more interested in catching a movie together or going out to eat than sharing a bed (sometimes lol). That’s not to say if at any point during the course of our friendship you get drunk and try to make out with us, we’ll stop you.

3: If you think it’s cool to bring up females in a sexual manner, you BETTER be prepared to hear about guys in the same way! You think your uncomfortable, you have no idea!!!

How do you guys feel about it? And is there something that we as gays are missing?

Peace and Blessings all!


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