That’s right! Stand up for yourself!


Good Evening everyone!

Today’s post is a positive and a negative! However it saddens me to say that it is more negative.

A 24 year old by the name of Adam Salnardi, from Oregon, was recently attacked and robbed by a group of teens simply because he was a homosexual. He thought he was going to see a date that he had set up but it was actually the teens who lured him to the meeting point.

It’s so sad because they are all under 18 and acting out of pure ignorance! Something must be done to stop the violence and also to educate these children who act out of stupidity!

They have all been arrested and charged with multiple crimes and for what? To say “I beat up a homo”? And that accomplishes what?!

Now what’s inspiring is that the teens may have attacked other gays and when Salnardi was made aware of this he stated, “”Maybe they don’t want people knowing about it, maybe they feel ashamed, but I’m here to take a stand”!

I am proud of him for taking that stand and I’m telling you guys that if more of us take the same stand, whether gay or straight, so much can be achieved! We can help to make this world a better place!

Let this also be a lesson that you must be MOST CAREFUL with online dating because you never know who your talking to and who’s out there!

Stay safe people!

Peace and blessings to you all!


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