When honesty gets you cruelty!


Good afternoon people!

I hope everyone’s enjoying this holiday! So far today has been nothing short of a blessing! Left one job interview and set up two more for tomorrow and the day after! Pray for me y’all!

But to get to today’s post. So a guy named Mike Moroski, who is the Assistant Principal at a Catholic High School in Cincinatti, was recently fired for expressing on HIS PERSONAL BLOG that he believed in supporting gay marriage!

The Archdiocese told him that he had shown poor judgement and violated the teachings of the Catholic Church. I think that this is so sad!

The Catholic Church has too many issues to even start to list them but they need to do something to fix it! Lets be real here, IF I RECALL, there was quite a few people in that Church that got in trouble for homosexual activity but not only that, for illegal sexual activity as well! Y’all know what I’m talking about!

Now I’m not trying to be malicious but its so messed up that the world is made up of so many Hypocrits! This guy now has to lose his job for simply supporting that likes of others! I simply can’t believe it!

Things like this should be protested! Yes the Church should be protested! Immediately!

As for Mke Moroski, my heart goes out to you and your family in this time of unemployment and I hope that you will find your way back to the top! Because to me, that’s exactly where you were for your honesty!

Peace and Blessings everyone!


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