Homosexuality: The new Civil Rights Movement


Good morning everyone and Happy Friday!

Today is such a beautiful day and believe me I am going to take advantage of it! I gots to have me a dranky drank lol. What are you guys doing this weekend?

So yesterday was the first day in two plus weeks that I actually broke the chain of posting everyday! That was a mistake but my excuse is valid because it was Valentines Day!

Today’s post is just to think about the controversy, the discussion, the movement that homosexuality is causing! I tend to look at it as the new Civil Rights Movement!

Now I see that in two ways:

1: It makes me proud to know that so much is being done to help us be treated equally.

2: It is also kinda sad that these debates should have ever come up! The problem with America, that the President pointed out during his Inauguration this past January, is that we don’t seem to “hold these truths to be self evident”!

But things are looking up for us! So much has changed for the better. I mean we now have 9 states that will allow us to marry! That’s so wonderful compared to just two years ago!

Family and supporters alike, lets keep doing what we have to do here so that we can help those in other countries who aren’t so lucky!

See Uganda is trying to get a law passed that will KILL ALL HOMOSEXUALS! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it and I couldn’t believe that in the year 2013, they would actual consider a man to replace the Pope who supports this bill! Something needs to be done! We have our nose in everything else, we mind as well end that really quickly! I’m just saying!

Peace and Blessings all!


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