Obama, Obama!


Good afternoon everyone!

I hope your Fridays were just as festive as mine, as I spent much needed time with some family members I haven’t seen in quite some time!

Today, I wanted to shout out my president, Barack Obama!! He has been supporting not only the homosexual community but all that I feel is a step toward a more peaceful America!

Recently, he has been working his hardest to get the immigration laws changed so that more people can come and live the “American dream”. But not only that, he has also been working really hard to include same sex couples in that list!

I find it to be a wonderful thing that we also have the support of the President of United States of America! Because its sad to say that our voices alone will get us absolutely no where! It’s about who you know!

Well guys, I hope your as proud as I am to say “Yea, the president is working on it!”

That just spells #swag to me! Lol

Peace and blessings everyone!


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