Boy Scouts or “Straight” Boy Scouts?


Good morning everyone and happy Friday!

Today’s topic is about the ridiculous issue of the admittance of homosexuals into the Boy Scouts!

For years, it has been their policy that homosexuals are not allowed anywhere near the Boy Scouts! Members who were being themselves were kicked out and turned away! Mothers and fathers of the Boy Scouts who were leaders were even stripped of their titles! This is absolutely ridiculous!

Well, recently, the Boy Scouts have decided to let individual troops to decide whether they will allow gay membership or not. I have to say, that the fact that this is getting attention is wonderful because it shows the progress this world is having. However, it does not excuse the fact that this topic should have never existed!

Nothing gives these people the right to tell a BOY that he can’t be in the Boy Scouts! That’s the issue with the people of this screwed up world; they want to have control over your personal lives as well…ummmmm NO! Life doesn’t work that way!

Well the decision as to whether it will pass or not has been postponed. Many people of the board say that the issue is quite too delicate to make a decision now! Huh? There is nothing delicate about it!

If you guys knew how we felt about you discussing our personal lives, you would probably hear many of us tell you to “HOP OFF”! Seriously!

It seems like people hate on us for being able to express ourselves in the way they really want to. And yes I say this a lot because you’d be surprised to know how many antigay people live a double life!

Anyway, I hope they come to their senses and lift the ban and realize that this, and more can actually stop much of the bullying that causes so many suicides in the gay community!

Peace and Blessings all!

P.s. Thanks David for your research!


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